Our wines

Red wines


Red Pic Saint Loup
3 grape varieties : 70 % Syrah, 25 % Grenache, 5 % Mourvèdre

Dark-hued with crimson highlights, its aromas have a strong scent of garrigue and black fruit.

Beautiful tannins provide impeccable support for overall roundness, making it suitable for a wide range of pairings including hanger steak with shallots, Columbo curry and sautéed small game with bacon and olives...
Serving temperature: 15 to 16°C.


Red Pic Saint Loup
3 grape varieties : 80 % Syrah, 15 % Grenache, 5 % Mourvèdre

Black hue with dark purple tints in its youth for an intensely fruity wine with brioche and pepper notes.
It reveals a beautiful structure yet stays very elegant.

Decant and serve at between 15 and 16°C with duck served with black olives and mushrooms, preserved lamb shoulder with pureed garlic and seasoning and young rabbit stew, for instance.

White wines


White Languedoc
3 grape varieties : 50 % Roussanne, 30% Vermentino, 20 % Grenache Blanc
Fermented and aged in tanks.

Shows floral and citrus notes where freshness and minerality combine beautifully to create a partner for seafood platters and grilled sea bass. Alternatively serve as an aperitif to get the festivities started.


White Languedoc
A different take on the blend of three grape varieties in the previous wine with barrel fermentation and ageing.

The wine reveals subtle aromas of pear entwined with a trace of citrus zest and tiny hint of toast.

Persistence and fullness on the palate make it suitable for pairings such as the delicately flavoured flesh of small red mullet baked in foil, fatted chicken cooked in white wine with a creamy morel mushroom sauce and a cheese platter.

"Alcohol abuse is hazardous for your health, drink sensibly"

Wine name definitions

The names reflect fond memories of Marcelle’s former career and are mostly derived from gemmology terms. They aim to conjure up the idea of gems, yet call on other senses than sight alone.

L'ALMANDIN : red with varying degrees of intensity, it belongs to the Garnet group.

LES ESCARBOUCLES : a former gemology term referring to red-coloured stones until the 1800s (Ruby, Pyrope, Spinel, Garnet…). The expression has now become obsolete due to rigorous stone classification.

GRAINS DE LUNE : we were not able to use the term "Pierre de Lune" (or moonstone) because another wine grower owned a château of the same name, so we opted for "Grains de Lune". We have not regretted the choice because we harvest by night and our logo is very often mistaken for a moon.

L'OR DES FOUS : Fools Gold or Pyrite in gemology terms. Its ressemblance to gold led to the expression ‘Fools Gold’ being coined in common parlance.
When polished, the stone was used as a mirror by the Inca civilisation.