Our wine region


Sitting 120 to 130m above sea level, l’Euzière boasts clay-limestone soils with variations depending on individual sites. They range from limestone marl with varying amounts of stone to soft limestone forming alternate layers of marl and limestone ridges, mainly derived from the Lower Cretaceous or Valanginian geological age.
Enjoying rainfall of between 850 and 1,000 mm a year and two beneficial, complementary climate influences – that of the lower Cevennes foothills in the North and the more southerly, maritime influence – our location is extremely conducive to wine growing.
The interaction of all these components has allowed our vineyards to achieve balance, primarily by creating a broad temperature range during the growing season which promotes optimum phenolic ripening in the grapes.


Our vineyards fuse with the garrigue: from the holm oak or ‘yeuse’ - which l’Euzière is named after - to the Aleppo pine, myriad species form a mosaic-like landscape richly scented with aromatic plants such as bay, juniper, thyme, rosemary and marjoram. The list of plants is endless, creating a vast aromatic spectrum, a bountiful treasure trove in which vines can delve to offer us delicious, characterful wines.