As artisanal wine makers, our mission is to maximise the quality of wines from the stunning Pic Saint Loup region.

A family journey

photo : Claude Cruells

Our two paternal great-grandfathers worked in the wine industry: one created a wine brokerage business on the quays of the Saône river in Lyon; the other was a wine grower in the department of Hérault. This was at the very end of the 1800s, a time when few people decided to change lifestyles.
Nevertheless, at the turn of the 20th century, the family moved to the wine estate of Euzière, in Fontanès, amidst inquisitive looks from the neighbours – why would they come here?
Had they sensed that their adoptive wine region was poised to produce top quality wines?

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L’Euzière is located in Fontanès, 25 kilometres north of Montpellier in the heart of the Pic Saint Loup, Languedoc’s flagship wine region.

The Pic Saint Loup mountain stands like a beacon amidst the Languedoc countryside, abounding in legends and epitomising the greatness of history. It is a multi-faceted peak imbued with contrast, light and resonance. And it is the homeland and custodian of our vineyards.


Our intention is for our wines to convey a natural wealth that fuses harmoniously with experience garnered over the decades, greater insight into our soils and judicious use of state-of-the-art technology showing deference to nature.

Our wines mirror a combination of sense of place and input by people who over time feel at one with nature, whilst at the same time expressing their own feelings and emotions to create pleasurable wines for sharing.

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From one season to the next, vintage after vintage, change is constant as the wine grower observes, acts and yet, can never be sure of anything.
This is probably the secret of wine’s magic.